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655MB Multibase System

655MB Multibase System

The series 655MB incorporates inkjet printing and drying systems on the same transport base. It was engineered for the high capacity use demanded by today's commercial environment. This versatile tranport system was designed for ease of use along with accuracy of product registration. The ergonomic operator panel allows for independent control of transport devices including dryer temperature control.

Features Options

Conveyor Sort/Speed Up

With conveyor controls integrated into the 655MB & customizable control in the software, sort/speed up is a viable alternative to expensive stackers/sorters.

Feeder Pause Sort

The feeder can be paused to create a break on the conveyor for sorting.

Speed Following

Allows feeders & transports to maintain matching belt speeds, using one speed control.


The spacious articulating platform is large enough to accommodate a full size monitor & keyboard.

655MB Shown With IR Dryers Print System

Multiple print technologies in varing configurations to fit your needs.

IR Dryers 8000 Watt IR

Drying Area: 5" x 16"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 34 Amps

6400 Watt IR

Drying Area: 4" x 16"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 27 Amps

4000 Watt IR

Drying Area: 4" x 10"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 17 Amps


Additional Information

655MB Multibase System Brochure