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655SB Split Base System

655SB Split Base System

The 655SB utilizes separate transport belts for inkjet and drying applications. This split belt design allows for greater flexibility when developing a systems for specific inkjet printing and drying technologies.

Features Options

Conveyor Sort/Speed Up

With conveyor controls integrated into the 655SB & customizable control in the software, sort/speed up is a viable alternative to expensive stackers/sorters.

Feeder Pause Sort

The feeder can be paused to create a break on the conveyor for sorting.

Speed Following

Allows feeders & transports to maintain matching belt speeds, using one speed control.


The spacious articulating platform is large enough to accommodate a full size monitor & keyboard.

Print System

Multiple print technologies in varing configurations to fit your needs.

IR Dryers 8000 Watt IR

Drying Area: 5" x 16"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 34 Amps

6400 Watt IR

Drying Area: 4" x 16"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 27 Amps

4000 Watt IR

Drying Area: 4" x 10"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 17 Amps


Additional Information

655SB Split Base System Brochure