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Accufast KT-ET Tabbing System

Accufast KT-ET Tabbing System

The Accufast KT-ET Tabbing System is the ideal solution to meet all current and future USPS tabbing requirements. The tabbing system combines the Accufast ET Double-Head Edge Tabber and Accufast KT Single-Head Crash Tabber for one-pass tabbing of booklets and virtually all other tabbing jobs. It applies edge and top tabs in a single pass, processing up to 15,000 pieces per hour.

A variety of 1” and 1.5” tab stocks can be used, including clear, translucent and paper, with built-in waste take-up spools to reduce down time. It has the unique ability to easily change between 1” and 1.5” tabs, simply by flipping a switch. Tabs can be fed fan-folded or from rolls for higher volume. The KT-ET can also be used in-line with other tabletop labelers, feeders, and printers.

With the addition of the optional Accufast HDF Heavy Duty Feeder, operators can input a stack of up to 12” of material to be tabbed, up to 3/8” thick. The optional Accufast LDM High Volume Tab Delivery Module handles rolls of up to 150,000 tabs, which reduces down-time caused by reloading tabs. The optional Accufast 3FV Conveyor offers adjustable speed from 0 - 120 fpm, and stacks tabbed pieces in a neat, sequential order for easy removal.


Accufast KT-ET Tabbing System: $13,350.00

Accufast KT-ET/R Tabbing System: $15,360.00

Accufast HDF feeder: $3,670.00

Accufast LDM Module: $2,435.00

Accufast 3FV Conveyor: $1,380.00

Accufast ET/HDF Stand: $690.00

Accufast LDM Stand: $690.00

Technical Specifications

Accufast KT-ET

Accufast HDF

Accufast LDM

Accufast 3FV