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Accufast 6" UV Cure Kit

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Accufast has come up with UV Curing options for existing base upgrades.  If the existing imaging system is current and performing well, add the UV Curing unit.


  • Cures on most substrates including UV coated materials, plastics and foils.

  • A full 6 inches of cure path.  Approximately 7 inches of travel, 1/2 inch material thickness

  • Lamp head is interlocked and self contained.  Integrated into imaging process when purchased with Accufast imagers.

  • Extra long bulb life - 6,000 hrs. specified

  • Automatically shuts down when not in use.

MSRP: $17,150.00

Technical Specifications

The Accufast system uses TrueFlex alcohol based UV cure inks.  Optimal results come from an imaging system tuned to the ink.  While our ink will work in non-tuned systems, it works best in an Accufast.  Other inks will cure, but some use water as a base and require a dual stage curing cycle.  Our system can provide the UV pass.  TrueFlex  inks do not require an IR pass nor does the Accufast UV Cure units affect IR drying.  Production rates depend on the amount of ink in the image, the substrate and vary from job to job.