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Ameritek Jet1 Mail Tabber / Labeler / Post-It Note Affixer / Stamp Affixer

Ameritek Jet1 Mail Tabber / Labeler / Post-It Note Affixer / Stamp Affixer

Meet all your requirements for tabbing, labeling, stamp or decal affixing with the Ameritek Jet1 Tabber. Easy to set up and operate in-line or off-line with the highest productivity for today's mailing professionals. Its superb design and engineering combined with Ameritek's first class support insures your company years of reliable production.

In-line dual tabbing solution will accommodate the two tab / one tab requirement for the leading and trailing edges for automation compatible letter-sized booklet mail.

New USPS Tabbing Requirements and Solution

The new booklet tabbing rules require two 1-1/2" tabs wrapped on the leading edge of the mail piece and one 1-1/2" tab wrapped on the trailing edge of the product. This requirement can be met through the use of an in-line dual headed tabber assembled out of two independent tabbers. The biggest difference, besides requiring two tabbing heads, is the orientation of the mail product in the tabbers. The booklets must be run at 90 degrees when compared to the traditional folded self-mailer.

The Ameritek Jet1 design has been updated for improved operation in tabbing booklets to accommodate the new tabbing regulations.

The updates include:

Technical Specifications