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Duplo 150Cr Digital Booklet System

Duplo 150Cr Digital Booklet System

The 150Cr Booklet System is Duplo’s compact, full-bleed bookletmaking system ideal for shorter volume demands. Incorporating the creasing and slitting functions of the DC- 446 Creaser with the stapling, folding and face trimming capabilities of the entry-level DBM-150S Bookletmaker and DBM-150T Face Trimmer, the 150Cr Booklet System automates the finishing process and produces up to 1,387 booklets per hour.

The 150Cr Booklet System eliminates the need for a guillotine cutter and creasing machine, reducing time consuming setups, wasted material, and turnaround times. With the ability to slit, crease, staple, fold and trim in a single pass, the 150Cr Booklet System offers an all-in-one solution for producing full-bleed calendars, catalogs, yearbooks, newsletters, and much more!

Air Suction Feed System
The 150Cr Booklet System features a 4-inch feed capacity stacker and a unique top air suction feeding system to maintain consistency and productivity throughout the operation. The high capacity stacker enables the system to run for a longer period of time without having to reload while the air suction system feeds from the top of the stack to reduce scuffing and marking on the sheets. The 150Cr Booklet System also comes with an air knife, which provides additional air flow to the stack to improve feed consistency and reduce static problems. Additionally, the system offers double feed detectors that stop the machine when two or more sheets are fed to prevent miss feeds and paper jams.

In-line Creasing and Slitting
With the 150Cr Booklet System, operators can crease fold lines as well as trim the head and foot of each sheet in-line. Creasing the cover and innermost sheets prior to folding prevents toner cracking and guarantees crisp, professional folds in digital color documents. Trimming the head and foot of sheets provides booklets with a fullbleed finish. By slitting in-line, operators can eliminate pre-cutting on a guillotine cutter and increase overall productivity.

Crease-Only Mode
The modular design of the 150Cr Booklet System allows operators to use the DC-446 Creaser independently when needed, simply by adjusting the position of the bridge unit and using it as a receiving tray. Processing up to 60 sheets per minute, the DC-446 Creaser automatically creases a wide range of applications from greeting cards and tent cards to menus, brochures, and much more. Users looking for added versatility when using the creaser independently can add up to three slitting or perforating option modules for a maximum of 20 creases or 3 perforations per sheet in a single pass.

High Quality Bookletmaking
With the DBM-150S Bookletmaker unit, the 150Cr Booklet System produces superior corner, side, and booklet staple applications. Featuring the Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge, the DBM-150S Bookletmaker produces a high quality, flat staple every time. Each cartridge holds 5,000 staples and wear parts are replaced each time the cartridge is changed out, providing a high level of reliability. Booklets are face trimmed by the DBM-150T Trimmer before being delivered onto the stacker for the final touch. When needed, the DBM-150S Bookletmaker can also be used independently by adjusting the bridge unit and hand feeding sets directly into the bookletmaker.

Compact in size, the 150Cr Booklet System offers the perfect solution for short-run, full-bleed bookletmaking.


  • Produces up to 1,387 booklets per hour
  • Double feed detection
  • In-line slitting and creasing for full-bleed finishing
  • Crease-only mode
  • High capacity, air suction feed system
  • Hand-feed bookletmaking mode

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