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Duplo 490 PRO Hydraulic Cutter

Duplo 490 PRO Hydraulic Cutter

The quality-engineered 490 Hydraulic Cutter ensures both precision and speed in the critical cutting process.

Duplo's 490 Hydraulic Cutter is built to last and guarantees both precision and speed in the critical cutting process.  This quick and easy cutting solution is reliable for meeting deadlines and offers pinpoint cutting accuracy to avoid expensive reprints.  Duplo's quality-engineered cutter guarantees complete satisfaction cut after cut.

Features include:

  • Hydraulic powered, rugged construction
  • State-of-the-art technology for ultimate automation
  • Stands up to rigorous workflow demands
  • Standard light emitting & receiving safety sensors on front cutting table
  • Solid cast-iron frame
  • Special anti-friction surface aluminum alloy cutting table requires no polish or waxing and will not rust over cutter life

  • Technical Specifications

    MAXIMUM CUT WIDTH 19.29” (490mm)
    MAXIMUM CUT HEIGHT  3.14” (80mm)
    POWER REQUIREMENTS   220V single phase 60Hz AC 2HP
    WEIGHT 880 lb. (400 kg)  
    DIMENSIONS 40.16” X 45.28” X 53.55”

    Additional Information

    Duplo 490 Brochure