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Duplo CP375 DUOTF Creaser

Duplo CP375 DUOTF Creaser

Processing up to 6,000 sheets per hour, the CP375 DUO performs up and down creasing up to 20 creases per sheet as well as perforations in both directions. The CP375 DUO comes included with ultrasonic double sheet detection sensor, negative and positive creasing tools, two perforation heads, and one cross perforation tool.

With the addition of the new TF unit, the CP375 DUOTF can also perform folds in-line and in one pass, processing more complex jobs at high speeds!




Depending on job, up to 6,000 per hour

Feeder system

Suction Feeder

Feeder capacity

7.09” (180mm)

Sheet transfer device

Vacuum Belt

Min. Paper Sizes for all Folding Types

Min. 4.13” x 5.82” (105mm x 148mm)

Max. Paper Sizes for all Folding Types

Max. 14.76” x 25.98” (375mm x 660mm)

14.76” x 41.33” with optional table extension

Paper stocks perforating

60-300 gsm or max. 0.3mm*

Paper stocks creasing & folding

100-400 gsm or max. 0.4mm*

Number of operations

20 creases per sheet

Additional Information

Duplo CF375 DUOTF Creaser Brochure