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Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

The user-friendly DB-280 brings professional perfect binding to your desktop. Producing up to 200 books per hour, the automated DB-280 is ideal for short-run and on-demand printing applications.

Simply place flat sheets into the clamp where pages are gripped automatically and the binding process is started. A double pass over the roughening cutter provides superior notching to ensure superb glue penetration for a perfect bind. Its clamping and nipping system also ensures consistent square binds.

Innovative features of the DB-280 include a dust extractor as well as two glue drums that provide a more durable bind and additional glue capacity. With a quick push of a button, the DB-280's perfect binding capabilities can convert to a padding function where only the precise amount of glue is added to complete perfectly bound notepads.

MSRP: $9,900.00

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Duplo DB-280 Brochure