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Duplo DC-445 Creaser

Duplo DC-445 Creaser

The DC-445 delivers the ultimate creasing solution for creative finishing of a wide range of digitally printed output.

Preventing toner cracking on fold lines, it can process up to 15 creases in a single pass. Creasing digitally or conventionally printed documents with the DC-445 prior to folding ensures a crisp and professional finish. With several top features, the fully automatic DC-445 is the perfect solution for creasing a wide range of applications such as greeting cards, book covers, brochures, menus, CD/DVD case covers, and much more. The unique top feeding system reduces scratching commonly caused by bottom-feed designs and productivity is highly increased as all functions are fully automatic after loading the documents.

A number of optional features may be added to maximize the functionality of the DC-445. An air-knife provides additional air to improve feed consistency and reduce static problems while double-feed detectors stop the machine when two or more sheets being fed are detected thus preventing mis-feeds and jams. In addition, up to three slitting or perforating modules can be added to achieve ultimate versatility.


DC-445 Creaser: $11,500.00


AAO-DC445STAND Stand for DC-445: $545.00
AAO-DC445AIR03 Air Knife Kit for DC-445 - 120V: $1,140.00
AAO-DC445AIR04 Air Knife Kit for DC-445 - 230V: $1,140.00
AAO-DC445PFR04 1x Perforator Unit for DC-445: $982.00
(Must have DC445OPM02 Optional Housing Module)
AAO-DC445SLT18 1x Slitter Unit for DC-445: $950.00
(Must have DC445OPM02 Optional Housing Module)
AAO-DC445OPM02 Optional Housing Module for DC-445: $958.00
(one housing module can accommodate up to three perf and/or slit options)
AAO-DC445LPT02 Long Paper Tray for DC-445 (30-day lead time required): $477.00
AAO-DC445DFD07 Double-feed Detection Sensor for DC-445: $667.00

IFS Package – Integrated Folding System for DC-445 with all connecting kits: $35,510.00

Includes DC-445 Creaser + DCF1 Folder + DC-ST2 Short Stacker + DCK-01 Inline Kit + DCK-26 Connecting Kit + AAODC445STAND

For pricing on any additional modules or individual components of the IFS kit, please contact us for a quote.

Additional Information

Duplo DC-445 Brochure