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Duplo DC-446 Creaser

Duplo DC-446 Creaser

Prevent toner cracking and unattractive fold lines with Duplo’s DC-446 Creaser.

A simple and affordable finishing solution no digital printer should do without, the DC-446 creases a wide range of applications at up to 60 sheets per minute. Creasing digitally-printed output prior to folding ensures a clean, professional finish and makes it easier for folding devices to bend them with accuracy. The DC-446 applies up to 20 creases in a single pass with great precision and is perfect for creating
unique accordion applications and other color documents that require a fold right along the color break. Fully automatic and easy to use, the DC-446 is ideal for finishing short-run offset and digital applications, including greeting cards, brochures, book covers, and more!

Creasing vs. Scoring

Traditional offset printers making the transition to digital often continue to use rotary scoring devices on their digital output. Although scoring has long been an effective and productive method for finishing offset work, its ploughing action has little effect on toner. Offset ink is absorbed into the paper making it flexible to score while toner lies on the surface as a second layer and instead thickens the sheet, making it prone to “cracking.”

The DC-446 Creaser utilizes male and female matrix channels to stretch the paper and toner in one impact. Creasing performance is optimized via the adjustable 3-step crease depth for various paper types and weights. No manual adjustments are necessary and grain direction is no longer an issue. Whether you fold along or against the grain, creased sheets are easily folded. The DC-446 handles a wide range of paper sizes from 5.5” x 5.9” to 13” x 26” with weights from 110 gsm (80 lb. text) to 350 gsm (130 lb. cover).

Creasing Made Easy

The DC-446 is extremely easy to use and no previous operator experience is necessary to program a job. Job setup is fully automatic from the LCD control panel and up to 30 jobs can be stored for quick and easy recall. It also runs unattended, leaving the operator free to attend to other tasks.

Sheets are fed automatically from the 3.9” capacity stacker utilizing an 8-belt suction feeding system that feeds from the top of the stack to reduce marking and scuffing on the sheets, commonly caused by bottom-feed devices. Two fans are used instead of a pump for air suction and sheet separation, which reduce the overall noise level of the operation.

Crease and Fold

A number of optional features are also available to maximize its functionality. An air-knife provides additional air to improve feed consistency and reduce static problems while double-feed detectors stop the machine when two or more sheets are fed, thus preventing mis-feeds and paper jams. Additionally, slitting and perforating modules can be added to eliminate white borders and create perforated pieces. Up to three slitting and perforating modules can be installed for increased versatility.

The DC-446 Creaser is also fully compatible with Duplo’s Integrated Folding System (IFS). Now you can crease and fold your documents using the same system! The IFS incorporates an in-line knife folder with the DC-446, enabling users to slit/perforate/crease and fold digitally printed applications in a single pass.


Feeder Capacity 3.9” (100 mm)
Input Paper Weight 110 - 350 gsm (80 lb. text - 130 lb. cover); 16 pt. paper
Input Paper Size Minimum 5.5” x 5.9” (140 mm x 150 mm); Maximum 13” x 26.4” (330.5 mm x 670 mm)
Tolerance ±0.3 mm
Speed 60 sheets per minute (letter size, 1 crease)
Feeder Type Air suction
Fan Registration Yes, with feed system
Crease Up to 20
Crease Depth Adjustment Yes, 3 steps via control panel
Options Air knife; double-feed detection; slitters; perforation wheels; cabinet; IFS
Job Storage Up to 30
Dimensions (w) x (d) x (h) 50” x 25” x 23” (in use); 65” x 25” x 23” (with optional long paper tray); 50” x 25” x 45” (with cabinet)
Weight 175 lbs. (main unit)
Power 115VAC 60Hz 1.7A; 230VAC 50/60Hz 0.8A

Additional Information

Duplo DC-446 Brochure