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Duplo DF-K2000 Heavy Duty Folder/Creaser

Duplo DF-K2000 Heavy Duty Folder/Creaser

The DF-K2000 Thick Paper Creaser/Folder offers high speed creasing and folding up to 5,000 sheets an hour. The demand for digital color output on heavier stocks is getting more popular and the DF-K2000 is
the perfect solution for finishing menus, greeting cards, book covers, marketing collateral and more. Perform creasing with folding, crease only, or folding only on uncoated and coated paper up to 400gsm.

Job set up is easily done via the color touchscreen panel. Simply select a standard paper size or enter a custom size from 4.73” x 7.17” up to 12.24” x 25.98”. The DF-K2000 automatically detects standard paper sizes with the adjustment of side guides. Six fold patterns come pre-programmed and the fold/crease positions are automatically set based on the paper length and fold pattern. Up to 30 custom jobs can be stored in memory.

For folding thick paper, the DF-K2000 includes a wide and narrow crease. Up to 16 creases can be applied with a minimum distance of 0.078” (2mm).

The DF-K2000 comes equipped with an air suction feed system, side air separation, optical and ultrasonic sensors providing the most reliable feeding in the market.


  • Easy job set up and changeover
  • Air suction feed system with optical and ultrasonic sensors
  • Color touchscreen panel with 30 job memory

  • Technical Specifications

    Paper tray load capacity 3.94" (100mm)
    Paper size (W x L) maximum 12.24" x 25.98" (311 x 660 mm); minimum 4.73" x 7.17" (120 x 182 mm)
    Paper Type Coated and Uncoated
    Paper quality Weight 100-400 gsm; Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
    Processing speed Sheets / hour Up to 5,000
    Fold Types Single fold, Double fold, Irregular accordion fold-out, Letter fold, Accordion-fold, Gate fold, Gate fold + center crease, Crease only and Custom folds. Crease + Fold, Fold only and Crease only
    Maximum Number of Creases 16
    Speed Settings 3
    Test Fold 1 to 3 sheets
    Crease range 1.57" (40 mm) or more from the front edge of the paper, 0.197" (5 mm) or more from the rear edge of the paper
    Minimum Crease interval 0.078" (2mm)
    Power Requirements 120V 60Hz 3.4A 318W
    Dimensions (W x D x H) When stored 72.6" x 23.5" x 49.4" (1,843 mm x 592 mm x 1,254 mm); When using 72.6" x 29.8" x 55.1" (1,843 mm x 757 mm x 1,400 mm)
    Weight 352 lb. (159.5 kg.)

    Additional Information

    Duplo DF-K2000 Brochure