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Duplo DP-X850 Digital Duplicator

Duplo DP-X850 Digital Duplicator

Duplo has been a leading manufacturer of digital duplicators for over 60 years and the DP-X850 is a model of improved performance with a fresh look. Digital duplicators hold a niche success in the education, medical, and non-profit fields due to their ability to produce a high volume per original combined with minimum costs and incredible uptime. The DP-X850 delivers with exceptional print quality, high productivity, and low maintenance.

It starts with rapid master making. Place your document face down on the flatbed scanner or use the optional automatic document feeder (ADF) to scan up to 100 sheets. Once set, the DP-X850 quickly scans the document and makes the master within 18 seconds. With the master wrapped around the cylinder, the ink – which is fast drying and far less expensive than toner - is pushed through the stencil master to print the image. The cost of the master is shared by the total amount of copies produced and savings begin with as few as 20 copies. The more you print, the less your cost-per-copy will be!

A lot more akin to a press than a copier, the DP-X850 is designed to handle the long runs that certain sectors require and at faster speeds. The DP-X850 prints documents with 600 dpi up to 200 pages per minute. The high stacking capacity on both feed and receiving trays offer uninterrupted productivity. You can feed a variety of paper types including fine, coarse, recycled, cards, and envelopes up to 110 lb index. In addition, Duplo offers a selection of 13 standard colors and unlimited custom shades to choose from to meet your needs.

Digital duplicators are highly economical in both equipment and operating costs. While copiers last an average of three years, Duplo duplicators are rated to last seven years or 10 million copies and have proven to last a lot longer with most units still running after 10 years. Cylinders are just as long lasting, so you won’t have to constantly replace the photoreceptive drum as required on a copier.

Digital duplicators do not emit ozone or generate any heat, making them ideal for high volume applications. Without the use of toner, there is no toner dust circulating in the air. Duplo duplicators are Energy Star qualified so they consume less energy, lowering electric bills. All models consist of biodegradable materials and use soybased inks, which contain low levels of VOC’s and minimize the release of toxins into the air.

Technical Specifications

Scanning Method Flatbed scanner (ADF optional)
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Speed Up to 200 pages per minute*, 5-step adjustment
Master Making Interval 18 seconds (8.5” x 11”)
Document Size 4” x 6” (100 mm x 148 mm) to 11” x 17” (297 mm x 432 mm)
Document Weight (ADF) 20 - 37 lb. (64 - 128 gsm)
Paper Size Up to 12.6” x 18” (320 mm x 450 mm)
Paper Weight 12 lb. bond - 110 lb. index (45 - 210 gsm)
Feeder/Stacker Capacity 1,500 sheets (64 gsm); 1,280 sheets (20lb Bond); 1,200 sheets (80 gsm)
Plate Ejection Capacity 55 sheets reuseable core
Scanning Area 11.7” x 16.8” (293 mm x 428 mm)
Printing/Image Area Up to 11.4” x 16.6” (290 mm x 423 mm)
Preset R/E 50%, 64%, 77%, 121%, 129%, 154%
Zoom 50 - 500%
Auto Zoom 50%, 60%, 64%, 70%, 77%, 78%, 91%, 100%, 121%, 129%, 137%, 141%, 154%, 200%, 212%, 275%
Registration Adjustment Vertical/electrical ±15 mm (0.60”), horizontal/electrical ±10 mm (0.40”)
Print Mode Text, photo, text/photo (2 photos), pencil, screen (2 types), graphic
Spot Color Ink 13 standard colors, unlimited custom colors
Standard Features
Multiple exposure (2/4/8/16, custom (max 5 x 5= 25) 2 in 1; book shadow erasure, edit image, rotation
(90 and 180 degrees), repeat counter, batch/sequential batch mode, print limit setting (0-9999), preprint,
interval print, preview, fine start, optimize print, ink saving mode, confidential safeguard, narrow paper
mode, long paper function, top blow fan adjustment, document density detection, panel language
options, sleep mode, automatic power off, ink replenish mode, automatic reset, master remake, panel
setting memory, shortcut, status LED, automatic pressure roller adjustment, LCD brightness adjustment,
clock setting, buzzer setting, top fan adjustment, online print (USB 2.0 hi-speed)
Options ADF-22; I/F LAN Network, Tape Cluster, Envelope Feeder Unit
Power Supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 3.6A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 55” x 27” x 28” (w/ADF 54” x 27” x 30”)
Weight In use: 225 lb. (102 kg)/ In package: 260 lb. (118 kg)

Additional Information

Duplo DP-X850 Brochure