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Duplo HC-680i Hydraulic Cutter

Duplo HC-600i Hydraulic Cutter

The programmable HC-680i Hydraulic Cutter effortlessly cuts through large stacks of paper up to 26.8” wide. Trim high volume jobs faster and with accurate performance. Finish stacks of postcards, direct mail, and perfect bound books up to 4.0” in height. With its cast iron construction and intelligent software, the HC- 680i offers a safe and productive solution for your paper cutting needs.

Set it and rotate it
The HC-680i makes paper cutting a quick and easy task. Program the cuts and sequence for each job using the 10.4” touchscreen control panel and intuitive software. Store up to 999 jobs in memory with up to 128 cuts each to recall when needed. Or program your job offline and save it in .csv format to upload via USB. As each cut is performed, the backgauge automatically adjusts for the next cut and the control panel prompts the cut rotation to eliminate errors and increase efficiency. Simply rotate the job and discard the scraps. You can also set each cut and position the backgauge using the fine-tuning knob as you go.

The HC-680i is barcode-ready to instantly retrieve any pre-programmed job simply by scanning the printed barcode. Ideal for running multiple jobs in faster turnarounds, the barcode reader saves time by setting up the machine with all commands in place.

High pile cutting
Once the job has been programmed, place the pile on the table and slide it against the backgauge. The LED light illuminates the cutting line allowing you to see exactly where the cut will be applied. The foot pedal controls the low-pressure clamp, which keeps the job firmly in place to prevent it from fanning and removes any excess air between the sheets. Press the dual palm buttons to release the blade and observe as each cut is performed with accuracy.

With a touch of a button, the push-out function automatically pushes the paper stack forward as needed. The HC-680i is built to last and features adjustable clamp pressure, enclosed rear table, and an aluminum alloy work table with a low friction surface.

Operator safety
When it comes to guillotine cutting, your protection is top priority and the HC-680i meets safety standards with ETL approval. Sensors on both ends of the table guard hands and ensure the cutting area remains clear during operation. The dual palm buttons activate the sensors and beam a Category 4 safety light curtain that disables the clamp and the blade when an object comes too close.

For an added level of safety, the cutter hydraulic leak protection prevents the knife from being released in the case of an oil leakage.

Features include:

  • Paper cutting up to 26.8” wide
  • Programmable backgauge control
  • Linux operating system
  • Dual palm cut buttons
  • Barcode capabilities
  • Safety light curtain

  • Technical Specifications

    Maximum Cutting Width 26.8" (680 mm)
    Minimum Cut 0.60” (15.2 mm) without false clamp; 2.0” (25.4 mm) with false clamp
    Maximum Cutting Depth 27.2” (691 mm)
    Clamp Opening 4.0” (101.5 mm) without false clamp; 3.8” (96.5 mm) with false clamp
    Clamping Method Adjustable hydraulic
    Maximum Clamping Pressure 2,500 lb. (1134 kg/cm2)
    Minimum Clamping Pressure 556 lb. (252 kg)
    Backgauge Control Power with micro adjustment
    Backgauge Speed 4.0”/second (100 mm/second)
    Table Space 18.9” (480 mm) in front of knife; 36.9” (937 mm) behind knife
    Overall Height 59.8” (1,520 mm)
    Option Knife Steel Tungsten Carbide
    Approx. Net Weight 1,202 lb. (545kg)
    Power Requirements Single phase, 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Max 16A
    Safety Certification ETL, CETL
    Hydraulic Motor 2HP(IE3) with inverter, single phase, 50/60Hz, 15.7A

    Additional Information

    Duplo HC-680i Brochure