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Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster

Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster

The Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster automatically separates pre-perforated forms and stacks them in sequential order. With speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute, it's perfect for bursting multiple forms printed on the same sheet. Eliminate cut sheet bursting by hand and add efficiency to your operation!


Key Applications


V-417 Cut Sheet Burster: $5,400.00


Conveyor Stacker: $1,760.00


Technical Specifications

Speed Up to 140 sheets per minute
Form Size 4” x 5” to 11” x 17”
Paper Weights 13 lb. bond to 110 lb. index
Burst Length 2.5”-9.9”
Feeding Tray Capacity 400 sheets

See product brochure for complete specifications

Additional Information

Duplo V-417 Brochure