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Duplo V-590 Cut Sheet Cutter

Duplo V-590 Cut Sheet Cutter

The Duplo V-590 Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to handle cut sheet generated from a digital printer. The V-590 automatically feeds and cuts, slits or perforates sheet forms at up to 2,640 sheets per hour. With increased +/- cutting accuracy, faster processing speed and other top notch enhancements, the quality-engineered feeding and cutting system delivers precise and razor sharp edges on every finished piece - making it perfect for checks, coupons, notices, tickets and more. 


Key Applications


Model Description Price
V-590 Cut Sheet Cutter $6,000
AAO-STAND/BRST Stand with caster for V-590 $384
AAO-CNV07 Conveyor for V-590 only $924
AAO-SLT25 Center Slitter for V-590 only, requires ATK02 Attachment Kit $440
AAO-PFR08 Perforator for V-590 only, requires ATK02 Attachment Kit $440
AAO-ATK02 Attachment Kit for V-590 when AAO-SLT25 and/or AAO-PFR08 is installed, only one 999-ATK02 is required. $50

Technical Specifications


Up to 44 sheets per minute (with 3 cuts)

Form Size

4.17” x 4.33” – 14.34” x 17”

Paper Weight

58-157 gsm

Minimum Length

2” finished length

Cutting Tolerance

+/- 0.5

Cutting Method

Guillotine cutter

Feeding Tray Capacity

Up to 500 sheets of 64 gsm

Finished Cut Length

2.16” – 8.5”

Stacker Capacity

Up to 800 sheets of 64 gsm


Up to 100

See product brochure for complete specifications. 


Additional Information

Duplo V-590 Brochure