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Duplo V-767 Forms Burster

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The Duplo V-767 Form Burster bursts, trims, decollates, and slits continuous forms at a variable speed of up to 393.4 feet per minute. Ideal for any office environment, the electronic length settings and fixed burst rollers make the V-767 compact and quiet. The user-friendly control panel allows a quick and easy form length set up. Built-in LED indicators on both margin slitters show where sheets will be slit. Form width memory stores up to 10 jobs.


Key Applications


V-767 Forms Burster: $10,800.00


Left Margin Chopper: $660.00

Right Margin Chopper: $660.00

Center Slitter: $690.00

Decollator Unit: $690.00

Middle Tray Unit: $300.00


Technical Specifications

Form Size Length: 3” to 12”
Width: 5” to 18”
Trim Margin Up to 1.125”
Single Ply Form Capacity 12.35 to 41.7 lb.
Multiple Ply Form Capacity 8-part carbonless
Speed Up to 393.4 feet per minute

See product brochure for complete specifications.


Check Signer/Imprinter
Center Slitter
Margin Chopper

Additional Information

Duplo V-767 Brochure