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FlexStream OMR and BCR Generation Software for Intelligent Automated Inserting

A Complete Solution for Document Processing

FlexStream is a document processing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. FlexStream lets you add scancodes to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing. With FlexStream you can:

  • Increase the integrity of your mailings by adding scancodes that can be used by inserters.
  • Reduce postage costs by combining documents intended for the same recipient into a single mail piece.
  • Turn your document into a marketing tool by adding conditional text, graphics and barcodes and by utilizing selective feeding.
  • Eliminate the costs of preprinted forms by adding overlays and digital inserts to your documents.
  • Convert traditional simplex printed documents to duplex to reduce paper costs and provide additional postage savings.
  • Save costs by e-mailing all or a selection of your documents.
  • FlexStream loads existing PDF files and runs independently of existing software, so there is no need to change existing systems. Files are processed at high speeds and the result may be printed on any printer.

    There is no need for specialized personnel to operate the software. FlexStream is easy to use because of its intuitive user interface incorporating ribbons, tooltips, context sensitive help, and wizards that take users through more complex tasks. Because of its close similarity to the latest Microsoft Office, it is very easy to understand FlexStream’s user interface and operation. The FlexStream software is available in several languages.

    FlexStream comes in two different editions so, depending on your production requirements, you can select a FlexStream solution that fits your needs:

    FlexStream Basic
    FlexStream Basic is the solution for users who need to add scancodes (OMR, 1D or 2D BCR) to their documents to increase integrity and enable automatic processing on inserters and who want to reduce costs by combining documents for the same addressee into single mail pieces.

    FlexStream Advanced
    In addition to adding scancodes, FlexStream Advanced offers extended document manipulation and enhancement features for users who need to add additional contents or want to change the layout of documents.

    FlexStream Professional
    FlexStream Professional adds document management features like digital inserts, e-mail capabilities, archiving documents, and closed loop processing.

    FlexStream can be extended with with additional services supporting Secure & Tracked email and to prepare mail according to the USPS postal standards.

    USPS Mail Processing
    A USPS postal module is available to handle address correction and encoding. Next to this, FlexMail presort modules are available to sort your mail and produce all necessary output to meet mailing regulations to get maximum postage discounts and fast and accurate delivery of your mail.

    Secure & Tracked Email
    FlexStream offers a robust secure and tracked email service for sensitive business documents. FlexStream makes it easy to select the documents to be emailed, send the emails with the confidence that they will reach their intended recipients without passing into the wrong hands, and offers extensive tracking, audit, and follow-up functionality.

    Document File Processing

  • Open one or more document files in PDF or PDF/A format. The files can be in different layouts to combine different documents in a single mail piece.
  • Change the input document to Duplex, remove leading and trailing pages and scale and move the contents of the pages.
  • Add digital inserts. These are pages from PDF-files that are (conditionally) added to the documents, before the documents are printed. Digital inserts can be conditional and variable, so inserts can be added depending on the contents of the main document.
  • Add envelopes to sets (includes RISO WEF support).
  • Use templates for recurring jobs, eliminating the need to set up jobs that are run on a regular basis.
  • Document Breaks and Grouping

  • Extract text, graphics or barcodes from your PDF documents to be used for further processing in print objects or to make comparisons and decisions inside the program.
  • Define breaks that mark the end of one document and the beginning of another.
  • Group documents for the same recipient into single mail items (sets) based on data contained in the documents.
  • Sort sets and documents within a set in the required order. E.g. sort your sets on postcode and the documents in a set on invoice number.
  • Job splitting based on any condition (e.g. set size) to divide a job in batches to be handled separately.
  • Presort your mail pieces to meet mailing regulations and get maximum postal discounts.
  • Previewing results of breaking, grouping, sorting and conditional scancode marks in a datasheet and job summary.
  • Scancodes

  • Add scancodes for your inserter. Pre-defined scancodes for inserters of all major manufacturers are included in the program. FlexStream supports OMR and scancodes based on 1-D and 2-D barcodes.
  • Define custom scancodes if necessary.
  • Guides help you in positioning the scancode according to the specifications of your inserter.
  • Document Enhancement

  • Add any fixed or variable text based on a condition.
  • Supports over 80 different barcodes, including 2-D barcodes and postal barcodes.
  • Include fixed and variable graphics in a wide variety of formats.
  • Add postal indicia and postage paid imprints.
  • Add overlays to your documents.
  • Output

  • Print on any Windows supported printer or output to PDF.
  • Dynamic (conditional) input paper tray selection.
  • Print output on multiple printers.
  • Export data from the generated datasheet.
  • Remove documents from the print stream and email them instead.
  • Archive digital copies of the (e-)mailed documents in PDF format.

  • Specifications

    Document Types
    FlexStream opens and reads the following documents:

    Document Areas
    The following data types may be captured from the documents:

    OMR and BCR Marks
    Depending on the capabilities of your insterter, FlexStream can generate the following OMR and BCR Marks:

    Supported Inserters

    Additional Information

    FlexStream Brochure