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Formax Atlas C150 Automatic Creaser

Formax Atlas C150 Automatic Creaser

The ATLAS C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser/Perforator offers outstanding features in a compact footprint. An intuitive touchscreen control panel and top vacuum pile feed system make it ready to take on high volume jobs with ease. The unique heavy-duty creasing matrix eliminates cracking in digital prints, ideal for on-demand jobs requiring a professional finished look. It can be equipped with an optional second creasing/perforating blade kit, which allows for single-pass up/down creasing and cross/partial perforation for hinges, book covers, multi-panel brochures, and tear-off applications.

The top-loading vacuum infeed adjusts automatically to handle media stacks up to 7.8” high. Its optical sensors control sheet separation by constantly monitoring the float zone and making adjustments on-the-fly. Designed to handle today’s larger media sizes, the feed table extends to accommodate media up to 15” W x 51” L, in weights from 80-400 gsm, while the adjustable outfeed stacker holds processed sheet stacks up to 4.7” high.

Using the color touchscreen control panel makes setup quick and easy. Simply enter the sheet length, weight, and fold type, and the Atlas C150 automatically calculates the crease locations and sets them accordingly. Users can easily choose from pre-programmed common creases, or create and save an unlimited number of custom jobs.

The Atlas C150 features quick-change creasing matrices which are easy to swap in and out in just seconds, without using any tools. It also includes an in-line rotary perforation kit, which allows for creasing and perforating in a single pass. An optional cross perforating blade kit can be used to combine creasing and cross perforating in a single pass for a variety of jobs including brochures with tear-offs.

Additional options include a second creasing blade kit, narrow and ultra narrow creasing blade kits, and the AC-10 Folder which enables users to crease, perforate, and fold in-line.
With high-speed output, user friendly features and the ability to handle large media sizes, the ATLAS C150 is a welcome addition to today’s digital print environments.

Standard Features:


Extra long infeed table extends to hold media up to 51” in length
Additional Creasing Matrix Kit: Works in conjunction with the standard creasing matrix to produce
up/down creasing for hinges, book covers and complex brochures, all in a single-pass
Cross/Partial Perforation Kit: Ideal for full and partial perforating along the width of the sheet. Can be used alone or with the rotary perforating kit to produce tear-off tickets and vouchers (see image below).
Narrow and Ultra Narrow Creasing Matrix Kits: Ideal for creasing various paper weights
AC-10 Folding Unit: Used in-line with the C150, it adds folding to the crease/perforate process

Technical Specifications

Speed: Up to 8,500 sheets per hour * (8.5” x 11”)
Sheet Size: Max: 27.5” x 15” (51” X 15” w/std. extension table); Min: 8.2” x 3.89”
Paper Thickness: Max: 0.015” (400gsm) Min: 0.0035” (75gsm)
Creases per Sheet: Up to 30
Min. Repeat Crease Distance: 0.0039” (depending on paper weight)
Programmable Jobs: Unlimited
Max. Loading Capacity: Up to 7.8” (4” for sheet lengths greater than 27.5”)
Stacker Capacity: Up to 4.7” high
Dimensions: 66.5” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H; With Feed Table Fully Extended: 100” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H
Weight: 551 lb.
Power: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 8-4A

Additional Information

Formax Atlas C150 Brochure