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Formax FD 87HDS-R Hard Drive Shredder

Formax FD 87HDS-R Hard Drive Shredder

Data integrity is more important than ever, so why simply discard a used hard drive?
Even if you erase the drive by magnetically degaussing, are you sure the data is secure?

The Formax FD 87HDS-R HDD / SSD Hard Drive Shredder provides the best level of security by physically destroying discarded hard drives. For optimal security and accountability, the FD 87HDS-R features a Recording System with internal and external cameras to monitor and document their destruction. The system includes a 64GB SD card to store recorded video, which can be removed and downloaded as needed. One hour of recording time uses +/- 1GB of storage space on the SD card.

Simply load a hard drive into one of two cutting chambers and close the safety shield. With the push of a button, the rugged solid steel blades grind the hard drive into random sized pieces 1.6” wide and smaller for 3.5” HDD hard drives and .19” wide and smaller for 2.5” HDD & SSD drives. The shredded pieces fall into a convenient molded plastic waste bin for proper disposal or recycling.

The FD 87HDS-R cutting blades are made of hardened steel for strength and durability. Each shredding chamber features a metal safety shield, and its own resettable LED counter to keep an accurate tally of shredded drives.

The LED control panel displays operational status and offers jam protection with Auto Reverse and Auto Stop. In addition, sensors stop the motor automatically if any of the doors are open or the waste bin is full. The powerful metal geared motor is housed in an all-metal cabinet with casters for mobility and is designed for low operational noise.

For that added measure of security, trust a Formax FD 87HDS-R Hard Drive Shredder to ensure your digital data stays out of the wrong hands.

Standard Features
Separate Shredding Chambers: Accommodate 3.5” HDD and 2.5” HDD & SSD drives
Recording System:Internal and external cameras for optimal security. System includes a 64GB SD card, a higher capacity SD card can be used for extended recording.
Hardened Solid Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for strength and durability
LED Control Panel: Provides centralized control and displays real-time status
Resettable LED Counters: Each shredding chamber features its own resettable counter, for added accountability
High-Quality AC-Geared Motor: Powerful, efficient motor with heavy duty steel gears designed for high performance, minimal noise and years of trouble-free use
Shred Size: 3.5” HDD hard drives are shredded to 1.6” wide particles, while 2.5” HDD & SSD drives are shredded to .19” particles
Molded Plastic Waste Bin: Durable and lightweight for easy removal
All-Metal Cabinet: Rugged steel cabinet with casters
Auto Reverse: Prevents jamming
Auto Cleaning: Allows the motor to run in reverse to clear shredded particles
Front Waste Bin Access: Allows the shredder to be placed against a wall

Safety Features
Fully Enclosed Shredding Chambers: Metal shields slide closed for operator safety
Safety Key Lock: Provides control, ensuring access only to authorized personnel
Large Emergency Stop Button: Quickly stops the motor and blades from turning
Circuit Breaker: Ensures safe operation
Thermal Overload Protection: Prevents overheating of the motor
Door Safety Sensor: Automatically stops the motor if the cabinet door is open
Waste Bin Full Sensor: Stops the motor automatically to avoid overflow

1-Year Warranty on cutting head and all other parts

Technical Specifications

  3.5” HDD Hard Drive 2.5” HDD & SSD Hard Drive
Feed Opening 4.72” (120mm) 3.54” (90mm)
Shred Particle Size 1.6” (40mm) x random .19” (5mm) x random
Infeed Capacity 1 hard drive at a time 1 hard drive at a time
Speed 3 - 4 drives per minute 3 - 4 drives per minute
Dimensions 24” W x 34” D x 51” H (600 x 850 x 1290mm)
Weight 1,146 lbs. (520kg)
Security Level H-4 (DIN 66399 standard)O-6
Power Supply 220V 20Amp 3 Phase NEMA Plug / Receptacle L1520P / L1520R

Additional Information

Formax FD 87HDS-R Brochure