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HP Q2344A Black 1918 Dye Ink Cartridge

HP Q2344A Black 1918 Dye Ink Cartridge

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The HP Q2344A Black 1918 Dye Ink Cartridge provides excellent decap times (longer decap times so the cartridge does not dry out as fast as other inks) for intermittent printing, print speed and dry time on a wide variety of substrates.  Fast drying dye based ink designed to print on certain coated and uncoated paper stocks without smearing or off-setting.

The Q2344A is compatible with all addressing systems that use HP 45A Technology from manufacturers such as Secap, Rena, Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Hasler, Accufast and more. This cartridge is not recycled, re-filled or re-manufactured, it is a New Genuine OEM Product from HP.


Technical specifications
P/N Q2344A
Ink type 1918 Dye-based Black aqueous ink
Resolution 600 dpi
Nozzle count 300
Print swath .5 in.
Maximum firing frequency 12 kHz
Avg. drop volume 29 pl
Avg. delivered ink (ccs) 40 ccs
Number of electrical interconnect pads 52
Operating conditions 10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
Shipping/storage conditions (in original packaging only) 10 to 30° C, 5 to 80% RH
Altitude: 0 – 5000 meters
Orientation: nozzle up or side
Shelf Life = 24 months.