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Formax MailDoc OMR and BCR Generation Software for Intelligent Automated Inserting

OMR / 1D & 2D BCR Mark Generation & Postal Discount Software For Intelligent Automated Inserting and Optimized Mailings

Formax MailDoc is a powerful, easy-to-use, software suite that generates Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), 1D Barcode Recognition (BCR) or 2D Barcode Recognition marks directly on documents for intelligent inserting of varying multi-page documents such as invoices and statements. MailDoc reduces printing and postage costs by sorting through your unprinted documents and collating together any that are intended for the same recipient so they are sent in the same envelope. MailDoc can also convert traditional simplex printed documents to duplex printing to reduce paper costs and provide postage savings. The optional Postal Module further increases savings by running addresses through CASS, PAVE list management software with the use of NCOA for list certification. These processes provide address correction and optimization to take advantage of significant postal discounts for first class mail.

In addition to these cost saving tools, MailDoc will also allow you to fully utilize a Formax inserter equipped with OMR or BCR through enhanced security of sequence check marks, target marketing with selective feeding and diverting of sets based on selected criteria. Adding electronic overlays with company logos, messages or borders can enhance your printed document image while eliminating the need to inventory pre-printed forms.

Reduce Costs Thru Postal Savings & Automation

MailDoc Professional can reduce your postal costs with the following features:

  • Simplex to Duplex – MailDoc can take your multi-page invoices and statements and duplex print them to utilize both sides of the page. This step can reduce the weight of your stuffed envelopes and lower postage costs while saving paper.
  • Grouping – A typical accounting department will export an entire day of invoicing in one PDF print file to the MailDoc software. Within this one file there may be multiple separate invoices addressed to the same customer. MailDoc Professional can group and print these documents together so they are all inserted into the same envelope. This feature can reduce the number of mail pieces sent to the same customer reducing postage costs, paper and envelopes.
  • Divert Feature – Automatically divert statements with zero balances to reduce postage and media costs.
  • E-Mail Document – Customers have the choice of either printing out documents to be inserted into envelopes or sending invoices via e-mail.
  • CASS, PAVE First Class Mail - Checks lists for address accuracy and presorts by ZIP code or AADC for optimized postal savings (requires Postal Module)
    • NCOA Certification - Cleanses mailing addresses and updates them to qualify for First Class postage discounts and avoid undeliverable mail (requires Postal Module with optional NCOA certificate)
  • MailDoc Advantages

  • MailDoc Beginner and MailDoc Professional are simple-to-use, Windows® based drag-and-drop interfaces that accept exports of data fi les in a print data PDF format. Each system runs independently of your accounting software, eliminating the need for IT involvement and restructuring of data.
  • Printing Speeds – MailDoc provides unlimited printing speeds at a fraction of the costs of competitive solutions.
  • Sequence Check Marks – Virtually eliminates the possibility of sending the wrong invoice to the wrong customer.
  • Target Marketing Thru Selective Feeding – This feature allows you to insert additional documents with your invoices based oncriteria you select.
  • Invoices or statements are simply exported and saved in one PDF file. No integration is needed with your existing software.   Select OMR or BCR mark functions and location marks. Create templates for each recurring job for quick and efficent processing.   Documents are printed at any speed from MailDoc with OMR or BCR marks for intelligent insertion.    Formax inserters provide secure, automated insertion of documents.

    System Requirements

    PC Hardware
    - Pentium 2GHz PC with 1 GB RAM or higher
    - 4 GB free hard disk space
    - CD-ROM
    - Windows 2000 OS or higher

    - Works with any Windows® compatible printer (single PC per license)
    - Pre-formatted data fi les in a PDF format
    - PDF Reader
    - Java Runtime

    Internet Connectivity

    Additional Information

    Formax MailDoc Brochure