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Industry-leading address management solutions for anyone that collects, maintains, or mails to contact lists. Our address management solutions help mailers, marketers and database administers increase overall address quality to reduce returned mail, gain faster delivery times, and save money on postage, address correction fees and wasted literature.

Address Management Solutions for:

  • Billing and Statements
  • Commercial printers
  • Direct marketing
  • Insurance companies
  • Mailing houses
  • Non-profits
  • Shipping
  • Websites
  • Universities

FlexMail 4

FlexMail 4 Basic Edition

FlexMail 4 Basic Edition

FlexMail Basic is the solution for users who need to produce designs with text, barcodes and graphics using any database which are printed on small or medium size printers.


Your Price: $795.00

FlexMail 4

FlexMail 4 Advanced Edition

FlexMail Advanced offers extended database features like the ability to process Pdf-files and tools for database management and duplicate detection and removal. The designer supports variable graphics, postal indicia, and duplex printing. Together with the extended print production features, this is the perfect solution for production environments.


Your Price: $1,650.00

FlexMail 4 Professional Edition

FlexMail 4 Professional Edition

Next to all the database, design and printing features of the advanced edition, the FlexMail Professional edition offers functionality lets you to integrate FlexMail in your production environment to control the printer and production line and link FlexMail to devices like camera systems conveyors etc.


Your Price: $2,750.00

Bulk Mailer Family

Bulk Mailer products deliver best-in-class volume mailing preparation in a stand-alone application. Both CASS and PAVE certified Bulk Mailer products feature address correction, duplication elimination, postal presorts and reports, barcoding and real-time change-of-address processing with 48-month NCOALink data.

Bulk Mailer Standard Edition

The #1 selling desktop mailing preparation software, Bulk Mailer makes volume mail jobs easy and practically error-free with wizard-based processes, templates and more.

Your Price: $1,795.00
(Renewal: $1,095.00/Year)

Bulk Mailer Professional Edition

The #1 selling desktop mailing preparation software, Bulk Mailer makes volume mail jobs easy and practically error-free with wizard-based processes, templates and more.

Your Price: $2,895.00
(Renewal: $1,895.00/Year)

Bulk Mailer Business Edition

Built for the highest-volume mailers, Bulk Mailer Business offers advanced capabilities that offer faster performance with large address files and support team-based processes.


Your Price: $3,895.00
(Renewal: $2,395.00/Year)

MailRoom ToolKit Family

MailRoom ToolKit products help you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. Protect your investment in lead-generation and customer retention programs. Document processing benefits from integrated postal presorting and address verification.

Speed data entry in a variety of applications, such as call centers, CRM systems, accounting packages and more. Simply install the software, open your address collection application and run Capture. Capture automatically identifies possible address fields and provides a drop-down list of options for each.

Your Price: $2,995.00
(Renewal: $1,995.00/Year)

MailRoom ToolKit Office Edition

Designed specifically for integration with Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Access, MailRoom ToolKit Office delivers address correction and postal presorting. Access easy-to-use wizards for address correction, postal presorting and change-of-address processing through an integrated toolbar.


Your Price: $2,495.00
(Renewal: $1,495.00/Year)

MailRoom ToolKit Architect Edition

Develop an address management solution that meets your unique needs. Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website. Clean and update addresses in any database. Integrate postal presorting into your custom application. Architect is built on .NET and COM for easy integration and maintenance.


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NCOALink Move Update Service
Real-time Processing, 48-Month Data
Every year, over 40 million individuals, families and businesses change addresses. In approximately 84% of these cases, there exists a valid forwarding address. There is no need to suffer the inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and high cost of receiving change-of-address notifications AFTER your mail has been sent.

Ensure Deliverability and Reduce Waste
NCOALink processing increases the quality of your address data, which improves the deliverability of your mail. Correctly addressed mail can reach the addressee cross-country in as little as three days. Without change-of-address processing, that same mail may take weeks to be delivered, or worse, returned to sender.

No-Hassle Change-of-Address Processing
Our built-in, real-time Move Update service uses a secure Internet connection to process lists against 48-month NCOALink data. It’s easy and affordable to clean and update even small files — there are no per-job minimum fees. Unlike using a typical NCOALink service provider there’s NO delay, NO manual import/export, and NO messy data merge.

Your Best Choice for NCOALink Processing
Move Update is available for most Satori Software products. Your best choice for using our built-in Move Update service depends on the needs of your business.  To process addresses from within your database, or to add the functionality to a custom application, consider adding Move Update to a product from our MailRoom ToolKit family. When combined with Move Update, our Bulk Mailer products deliver NCOALink processing in an easy-to-use interface that you can start using right out of the box.

Order Move Update Today
To order Move Update, or for help selecting the right product for your needs, call 800-899-4402.