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Mailing Printer System

Mailing Printer System

Entry level low volume laser printer for envelopes and cards
Printing labels, postcards or heavy card stock? Are you afraid that they will curl or skew due to the paper path of your printer? We remove that fear by providing you with a straight through paper path.  With no turns involved, you'll get your output to come out just as crisp as when you put it in the printer.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
This mailing printer offers one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the market today. It is a cost-effective printing solution that will answer all your needs, without breaking your bottom line.


Mailing Printer System (includes starter toner cartridge): $2,995.00


Optional Wireless Network Interface: $653.00


Toner Cartridge (Yield 21K prints based on 5% coverage): $88.20

Maintenance Kit (Yield 500K prints): $277.00

Includes 1 year limited parts warranty


Guidelines / Requirements for Printing on Envelopes and Postcards

When using envelopes and postcards, use the guidelines given below.


An envelope is a more complex object than a single sheet of paper. For this reason, it may not be possible to obtain consistent printing quality over the entire envelope surface. Use the following guidelines to select the proper envelopes.

Envelope Paper Grain
Normally when envelopes are manufactured they have a diagonal grain direction, For optimal results, use envelopes that have the grain running parallel to the length (long grain)

Figures below shows some typical envelope types:

This is the type of envelope best recommended for use with the bulk paper feeder.

Although this type of envelope generally feeds normally, they are somewhat prone to jamming than above.

This type of envelope performs reliably, provided that envelopes are loaded so that the bottom (sealed end) feeds into the printer first.

Avoid using this type of envelope made of double-ply paper.

Before printing on envelopes of any type, test printing performance. Avoid using any of the following kinds of envelopes even if the envelope meets the requirements above.

Envelopes that have an exposed adhesive surface, or having a peel-off sealing string for adhesive surface. (Peeled-off sealing string inside the printer can cause a serious problem).

Curled Envelopes

An envelope tends to curl excessively or become uneven in its thickness since it is constructed by paper which is folded, creased, and seamed in many parts, making the stack of envelopes on the feeder tray unlevel. To avoid feeding problems, the unevenness of the stack of envelopes on the paper tray must be less than those specified in the following figures:

Vertical curl must be less than 10 mm.

Thickness in bottom or top must be less than 10 mm

Horizontal curl must be less than 5 mm.

Thickness in right or left trails must be less than 5 mm.

Reduce the envelopes, if necessary to keep the unevenness of the stack of envelopes within the specified limit.


The paper used in postcards should have a basis weight of 135 to 190 g/m2 (0.3 to 0.42 lb./ream) and uncoated. The paper should also satisfy the same conditions as white bond paper.