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Pitney Bowes OEM 612-9 Tape Sheets

This is an Original Product from Pitney Bowes. Postage Tape Sheets for SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® C and SendPro®+.

Your Price: $41.99

Pitney Bowes Postage Tape makes it easy to send packages from your office.  


  • 25 double sheets
  • up to 50 tapes 

Benefits of Pitney Bowes Tape: 

  • Ideal for adding postage to oversized envelopes, priority mail and packages.
  • Designed and tested within our postage meters to meet USPS® requirements.
  • Tested to provide clean smudge-free printing when used with genuine Pitney Bowes ink.
  • Quality adhesive that withstands the toughest mailing conditions.
  • We recommend the use of only genuine Pitney Bowes supply products to assure maximum performance.