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Pitney Bowes & Secap E-Z Seal ® Solution

Original E-Z Seal® manufactured by Pitney Bowes (sold under Pitney Bowes and Secap brand names*) is original E-Z Seal® for use with all digital postage meters and folder inserters manufactured by Pitney Bowes and/or Secap.  Use Pitney Bowes & Secap E-Z Seal® Sealing Solution and i-Seal™ Envelope Moisteners so you don't have to lick envelopes again and help keep them sealed.

*Secap is a division of Pitney Bowes equipment and supplies sold under the Secap brand name.

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Pitney Bowes 945-6 I-Seal Envelope Moistener
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Pitney Bowes 945-6 I-Seal Envelope Moistener