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Pitney Bowes DL400 Envelope Opener

Pitney Bowes DL400 Envelope Opener

Your mail has to be opened carefully, the contents protected, ready for sorting and distribution. It can be very tedious and time-consuming. Whether you receive hundreds or thousands of envelopes daily, the DL400 high-speed letter opener makes quick work of this critical task.

The DL400 is designed for organizations with moderate to high volumes. Using advanced milling technology, the DL400 stands out from alternatives that use slicing blades or guillotine-type cutters. The milling protects contents, prevents paper cuts and minimizes waste making the DL400 ideal for those who require careful opening to protect the contents of incoming mail.

Advanced technology
Using milling technology, the DL400 removes small chips from the envelope edge, thus preventing damage to the contents and leaves a soft, feathered edge that prevents paper cuts. With milling, no jogging of contents is necessary. Milling has a distinct advantage over alternatives that may damage contents, leave sharp edges and product waste that cause a jam. It allows you to feed a wider variety of envelopes and is completely safe for you and the valuable contents of your mail.

Clean operation
The DL400 minimizes waste as the tiny milled chips are whisked away and automatically discarded into an easy-to-remove bin. Plus, milling prevents jams because there are no long strips of paper left to clog a slicing blade.

Technical Specifications

Speed Up to 400 envelopes per minute
Envelope sizes and types Most sizes/types of paper and cardboard (including rigid overnight packs) up to .188” thick
Digital counter Resettable six digit LED display
No cut selection For envelope counting
Max thickness 3/16” (.188”)
Depth of cut range Min .010”, up to .070”
Depth of cut setting Factory Set at .010” (Min) and.022” (Max).; Field Adjustable in .002 increments
Feeder hopper capacity 3”
Size 40” L x 15.5” D x 14”H
Weight 50 lbs [28 kg]
Power 110 -120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 amps
Sound output Below 80 dB
Assembled in USA

Additional Information

Pitney Bowes DL400 Brochure