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Pitney Bowes DL50 Envelope Opener

Pitney Bowes DL50 Envelope Opener

Simplify and speed the opening of your incoming mail. The DL50™ Letter Opener is great in an office environment, helping you easily open a wide range of envelopes. Its compact design lets you keep it right on your desktop or a central office location – all within arms reach for convenient operation. You’ll wonder how you and your staff ever managed without it!

Quickly opens mail
As fast as you can feed the envelope, the DL50™ letter opener pulls each envelope through to the stacker. Opens about 20 letters per minute.

Neat operation
The envelope is cleanly opened, the letters stacked, and the paper waste sent to an easy-to-empty tray.

Sturdy design
The opener has a powerful motor that drives the blades and pulls the envelopes with ease.

Fits on the desktop
Small enough to sit on the edge of your desk and light enough to move from space to space. You can easily store it away when you’re not using it.

Opens different types of envelopes
The letter opener can handle a wide range of envelope types with all sorts of different correspondence inside.

Protects the contents
Each envelope simply has a sliver of paper removed from its top, helping to preserve its contents.

Quiet operation
The letter opener remains in the off position until you are ready to feed an envelope. It’s incredibly quiet and appropriate for any office environment.

Safety is number one
The cutter that opens the envelope is safely housed within the device to protect you and your office staff.

Plug and play
Simply plug in and you are ready to go.

Technical Specifications

Envelope Thickness: Min: 0.008 in.; Max: 0.25 in.
Physical Dimensions: With Stacker Tray:
Height: 4.53 in.
Depth: 9.84 in.
Length: 23.6 in.
Without Stacker Tray:
Height: 4.53 in.
Depth: 7.09 in.
Length: 10.6 in.
Weight:With Stacker Tray: 3.02lbs.; Without Stacker Tray: 2.16lbs
Electrical: 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Approvals: UL Listed, CSA Certified
Throughput: Up to 20 letters per minute
Stacker Capacity: Up to 20 #10 Envelopes

Additional Information

Pitney Bowes DL50 Brochure