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Pitney Bowes DM400 Digital Postage Meter

Pitney Bowes DM400 Digital Postage Meter

Free up your employees for more important tasks. Getting the mail out the door is important, but it shouldn’t command all of your employee’s time. The DM400™ Digital Mailing System makes mailing faster and easier to communicate with your customers and meet mailing deadlines.

The system is equipped with our unique IntelliLink® technology that gives your business access to a full range of USPS® Special Services. It has an automatic feeder that lets you process mixed size mail in a single stream.

Boost efficiency
Easily control your mailing operation from a single source. The IntelliLink® Control Center is user-friendly and guides you as you process your mail.
• Make choices from a full range of USPS™ Special Services including Confirmation Services™ and electronic Return Receipt™
• Preset up to 10 jobs for quick access to routine tasks
• Manage postage expenditures up to 50 accounts with options for expansion
• QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy operation
• Download postal updates, software upgrades, postal inscriptions and graphics
• Choose how to pay for postage, get a postage advance, or earn interest on the balance in your Reserve Account
• Get online access to your account information at My Account and track payment history, monitor meter activity, pay bills, order supplies and request service

Constant connection
To access postage and software downloads, connect to a telephone line and you’ll get:
• 24/7 access via Internet connection through your Local Area Network
• Download software upgrades and postage at a touch of a button
• Upload Confirmation Services™ transactions for convenient mailpiece tracking
No need to move your mailing system or to install a phone line.

Promoting business
Use your mail to advertise. The DM400™ Digital Mailing System comes with 10 standard envelope ads and 10 postal inscriptions. You can download additional ads and inscriptions directly into the IntelliLink® Control Center.

Big results
Reduce labor-intensive activities such as hand-feeding and leverage our online services. You’ll greatly improve your office productivity and get the big results you deserve.
Automatic processing – Automatic feeding, sealing and imprinting postage on up to 120 letters per minute helps to effectively manage large mailings.
Flexible feeding – Handles material up to 5/16" thick and sizes ranging from postcards up to 11" x 13" flats.
Convenient updates – Obtain postage 24/7 and handle rate changes more easily with automatic updates.
Online service access – USPS® Special Services, including Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation™ and Electronic Return Receipt™.
Rate selection – Select the most effective and economical USPS® domestic and international postage rates.
Integrated weighing – Easily process individual, oversize pieces by determining the precise postage with an integrated scale.
Maximum Performance – Upgrade the DM400™ to handle your busiest mailing periods. Increase system throughput by over 25% from 95 letters per minute to 120 letters per minute.
Reduce returned mail – Operators can advance the date to get a jump on processing the next day’s mail. Mail is not returned due to misdating.
Track incoming mail – Mail date stamp provides dual functionality to track incoming mail efficiently.
Postage accounting – Tracks up to 50 accounts, with options for up to 300; data can also be printed or exported to a PC.
Expanded accounting – Increase your tracking and reporting capabilities up to 1,500 accounts with Budget Manager from Pitney Bowes.

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Technical Specifications

33 "W x 17.5"D x 12.3"H
(dimensions exclude stacking tray)

29 lbs. approximate

100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz .65-3A

Max Speed:
Up to 120 pieces per minute

Media Sizes:
Min: 3" x 4.13" ; Max: 11.6" x 13.39"

Media Thickness:
Min: .007"; Max: .3125"

Auto strip up to 50 tapes

Job Presets:

Integrated Weighing Options:
2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 70 lb.

UL-approved, FCC-compliant, ENERGY STAR® compliant

Connectivity Requirements:
Constant Connection – High Speed Internet Connectivity – Supplied Installation Kit includes
14' LAN Cable
PC Meter Connect
Optional analog model connectivity available

Postal Compliance:
Digital IBIP

Additional Information

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