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Pitney Bowes OMATION 306 Envelope Opener

Pitney Bowes OMATION 306 Envelope Opener

The world’s fastest, most robust and efficient envelope opener

Key features:
High-speed opening Operates at up to 40,000 envelopes per hour
Three mail tray supports Enables optimized work flow and improved ergonomics
Operator controlled software interface
• Provides numerous job settings
• Supports multiple operators and languages with password protection
• Presents an easy-to-read backlit LCD display
Automatic jam detection Reduces damage while making jam clearing easier
Automatic chaff collection Provides a clean workspace, jam prevention and reduced static buildup
Milling cutter Offers eight cut-depths plus “No-Cut” position and minimizes risk of damage to mailpiece contents

High volume, high speed envelope opening and sorting for all types of mail
Setting a new standard for high volume mail processing, the OMATION 306 combines the latest in mail opening technology. Its improved milling cutter removes chips as small as 0.25mm from the envelope edge for safe and secure extraction. Plus, the new operator control software allows for optimal flexibility and simple job setup. With breakthrough speeds up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, the OMATION 306 by OPEX reliably opens envelopes more efficiently than any option in the industry.

OMATION 306 optional features
Choose from a variety of optional features to enhance your downstream processes and provide an audit trail for your opened mail.

Sorting options make the OMATION 306 the ideal fit for applications that require content verification, either before or after extraction. This includes claims and remittance processing. Envelopes can be sorted and output to two locations based on programmable criteria (thickness, length and height). The envelope sorter option is available with either an output bin that holds between 20 to 30 items or with a 90° conveyor that can hold over 200 envelopes. A sort wizard is also available with an easy to use operator interface for job set up.

With the batching option, opened envelopes are grouped into pre-selected lot sizes of between 20 and 200 to match the handling requirements of the downstream extraction process. The integrated batch counter counts down to the preset number and either stops or pauses the machine.

High-speed inkjet printer
The high speed inkjet printer option provides an audit trail for inbound mail. Up to four lines of print may be printed including time, date, job ID and operator ID variables. In addition, predefined text such as “Confidential”, “Accounts Receivable”, or ”Accounting” can be printed on the envelope. The print head is adjustable with nine settings, permitting text up to ½” (12.7mm) in height to be printed
on the correct part of the envelope.

Technical Specifications

Length 45” (114.3 cm)
Depth 21” (53.34 cm)
Height 58” (147.32 cm)
Weight 245 pounds
Power 115 VAC, 60Hz,8.5 amps; 230 VAC, 50Hz, 5.5 amps
BTU 3338 BTU/h (115 VAC); 4317 BTU/h (230 VAC)
Speed Up to 40,000 per hour
Envelopes sizes and types Lengths up to 13.5” (34.29 cm); Thickness Up to 0.50” (1.27 cm)
Depth of cut From 0.01” (0.03 cm) from envelope edge up to 0.125” (0.32 cm) in depth
Feeder hopper capacity Up to 400 envelopes
Stand and waste bin Included

Additional Information

Pitney Bowes OMATION 306 Brochure