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Pitney Bowes Omation 410 Envelope Opener

Pitney Bowes Omation 410 Envelope Opener

Save time and effort each day with the OMATION Series 410 Envelopener

Meet an innovative solution for mail centers that handle between 200 and 2,000 incoming envelopes a day. The OMATION Series 410 Envelopener uses advanced milling cutting technology
to open mail of mixed sizes and thicknesses with exceptional speed and precision: up to 400 envelopes per minute. During this process, it’s also capable of printing unique ID receipt information on each envelope.

The convenient, tabletop unit is packed with these useful features:

Proven Milling Cutter Technology
• Minimizes cut contents
• Provides soft, feathered edge to eliminate painful papercuts
• Opens envelopes completely, edge-to-edge for easy content removal

Easy to View Operator Screen
• The 5.5” display provides access to job functions and settings
• Simple navigation allows operators to quickly and easily select jobs
• Easy to read digital counter

Quality Ink Jet Printing
• Select from a variety of print jobs
• Print date and time audit trails
• Print a unique sequence number for traceable mail

All-New Cut Depth Adjustment Knob
• Use one of three “cut depth” settings to open thin to thick mail, flats and rigid overnight packs.
• Count envelopes without cutting using the “no cut” setting
• Open 3,500 envelopes before emptying the large capacity chip tray

Technical Specifications

Length 40.5” (1028.7mm)
Depth 16.5” (419.1mm) or 18” (457.2mm) with power cord
Height 14.3” (363.2mm)
Weight 55 lbs (24.94kg)
Speed Up to 400 envelopes per minute (6” envelope)
Envelope sizes & types All sizes and types (including overnight envelopes)
Thickness Up to .188” (4.8mm)
Depth of cut From .01” – .07” (.25mm – 1.79mm)

Additional Information

Pitney Bowes Omation 410 Brochure