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Pitney Bowes Relay 4000 Folder Inserter

Replaces/Upgrades Secap SI 3500 Folder Inserter

Pitney Bowes Relay 4000 Folder Inserter, Folding and Inserting Machine

You need to get your mail finished quickly and without incurring costly mistakes.  The Relay 4000 inserting system is ideal for mid-size mailrooms that require accurate mail assembly and outstanding speed. Ensure the right customer documents go into the right envelope with OMR, 1D, and 2D barcode reading capabilities, previously only available on the largest inserting systems. Adding barcodes to your existing documents is simple with the Relay communications hub.  Using your existing print streams, this web-based software allows you to add the security of 2D and 1D barcodes or OMR, without the hassle of having to redesign your documents.

The large touchscreen user interface makes it easy to set up and process jobs quickly. That lets you get back to focusing on your business.  With its intuitive design and full color graphics, even a novice user can get your mail finished on time. The Relay 4000 allows for the mail to be assembled in one seamless process, so you can be confident that it has been done accurately. 


Relay 4000 2 Station Inserter (2 Sheet Feeders, 1 Insert Feeder): $15,000.00


Vertical Power Stacker: $1,755.00

OMR Scanning Kit: $1,595.00

Fixed Beam Barcode Scanning Option: $1,995.00

2D Scanning Option: $2,995.00

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Pitney Bowes Relay 4000 Brochure