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Postmark 3010 Envelope Opener

Postmark 3010 Envelope Opener

No cuttings to get in the way of feeding or opening

Opens mixed sizes of envelopes automatically

No Waste Disposal
As the opener does not remove any part of the envelope, there is no waste to worry about making the operation clean, easy, and trouble free.

High Productivity
With speeds up to 9,000 envelopes per hour, this machine opens your daily mail quickly.

Low Cost
A machine that pays for itself even for the small user

Easy to Operate

Technical Specifications

Length: 330mm (13in) Depth: 215mm (9in) Height: 180mm (7in) Weight: 4.4kg (10lbs)
Power: 120VAC or 230VAC
Envelope Size: All sizes and types. Maximum Thickness 6mm (1/4”)
Theoretical speed: 9,000 envelopes per hour Production speed: 3,000 envelopes per hour

Additional Information

Postmark 3010 Brochure