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Postmark 3030 Envelope Opener

Postmark 3030 Envelope Opener

Cuts wide and deep

Opens flats, Tyvek, plastic envelopes, and much more

Easy to Operate
Ideal opener when large quantities of flats or other hard to open envelopes are used.

Waste Disposal Bin Included
Optional large waste disposal bin also available.

Low Cost
A machine that pays for itself even for the small user

The Shredder
This opener opens just about every envelope used in business today

Technical Specifications

Length: 450mm (18in) Depth: 230mm (9in) Height: 143mm (6in) Weight: 13kg (27lbs)
Power: 120VAC - 2.65A or 230VAC - 1.25A
Envelope Size:
Maximum Width - 35mm (14”)
Maximum Thickness- 6mm (1/4”) (opening from the side of the envelope makes it possible to open almost any thickness envelope)
Speed: Only limited to the speed of the operator

Additional Information

Postmark 3030 Brochure