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Postmark 3030 Envelope Opener

Postmark 3030 Envelope Opener

Model 3030 is a rotary letter opener. It weighs 11 kg (24 lbs) and measures 143 x 450 x 230 mm (6" x 18" x 9"). The 3030 is a rotary, semi-automatic letter opener. The 3030 is capable of opening as fast as your operator can feed it with a maximum envelope thickness of 35 mm (1/4").

MSRP: $3,050.00

Optional Large Waste Drawer for Model 3030: $510.00

Technical Specifications

Length: 450mm (18in) Depth: 230mm (9in) Height: 143mm (6in) Weight: 13kg (27lbs)
Power: 120VAC - 2.65A or 230VAC - 1.25A
Envelope Size:
Maximum Width - 35mm (14”)
Maximum Thickness- 6mm (1/4”) (opening from the side of the envelope makes it possible to open almost any thickness envelope)
Speed: Only limited to the speed of the operator

Additional Information

Postmark 3030 Brochure