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Postmark 3033 Envelope Opener

Postmark 3033 Envelope Opener

Opens Just about everything up to 12mm (½”) thick in semi-automatic mode. Can open almost any envelope in manual mode.

Cuts wide and deep - or thin and narrow! All depending on the application

Milling Cutter Technology
Set to destroy, open, cut everything - from cardboard to paper clips; or, set to protect contents!

High Speed
Up to 1,200 flats an hour

Heavy Duty
Solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality of components. Has two motors for better performance and a longer life.

Vacuum Disposal System

Simple and Reliable
High degree of operational reliability

Easy to Operate

Standalone Vacuum System

Powerful and whisper quiet
Can be used for milling cutters openers and other waste removal applications

Technical Specifications

Length: 1070mm (42in) Depth: 750mm (30in) Height: 1065mm (42in)
Power: 120VAC - 2.65A or 230VAC - 1.25A
Envelope Size: All sizes and types
Depth of Cut: From 0 (no cut) up to 3mm (1/8”)
Speed: 1,200 an hour

Additional Information

Postmark 3033 Brochure