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Postmark 3078 Envelope Opener

Postmark 3078 Envelope Opener

Milling Cutter Technology
Protects the contents from being cut or damaged. Removes up to 3mm (1/8”) of the envelope edge. The removed material is in the form of tiny chips, which are deposited in the waste bin. Creates a soft, feathered edge opening, which prevents paper cuts and gives easy access to the contents.

Mixed Thickness Separator
This separator design ensures that only one envelope passes through the machine at a time maximizing separation and improving cut quality.

High Speed
Opens up to 36,000 envelopes per hour. Opens mixed mail, from the smallest to the largest, completely. Opens up to 6mm (1/4”) thick envelopes. Entire system built to handle large flats and envelopes.

Reverse Flow Conveyor
Allows operator to stand in one place to both feed and remove opened envelopes. This increases the production rate by approximately 40%

Simple and Reliable
High degree of operational reliability

Heavy Duty
Solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality of components. Has two motors for better performance and a longer life.

Standard Features:
Resettable counter, batch counter, rate counter, lifetime counter, on demand feeding, on delay feeding, milling cutter on/off reverse flow conveyor, variable speed

Technical Specifications

Length: 1070mm (42in) Depth: 750mm (30in) Height: 1195mm (47in) Weight: 118kg (260lbs)
Power: 120VAC - 5.00A or 230VAC - 3.00A
Envelope Size: All sizes and types. Maximum Thickness 6mm (1/4”)
Depth of Cut: From 0 (no cut) up to 3mm (1/8”)
Feeder Capacity: Approx. 100 envelopes Receiving Tray Capacity: Approx. 100 envelopes
Theoretical speed: 36,000 envelopes per hour Production speed: 20,000 envelopes per hour
Stand and Waste Bin: Included.

Additional Information

Postmark 3078 Brochure