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Standard BQ-P6 Binder / Padder / Spine Taper

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Never before has a compact unit offered as much versatility as the BQ-P6 Document Binding System (binder, taper and padder). Able to produce perfect binds and spine taped books at a rate of up to 140 books an hour, the BQ-P6 is ideal for users that have divergent, low-volume binding demands. Adding the option of padding up to 480 ¼" note-pads an hour makes this compact unit a truly productive and unique option for many office and print environments.

MSRP: $6,795.00

Technical Specifications

Binding Capacity: From 2 to 250 sheets (Up to 1”)
Maximum Binding Dimension: 12.4” (L) x 8.7” (H)
Minimum Binding Dimension: 2”(L) x 3.25”(H)
Cycle Speeds: 25-30 seconds per bind
      Perfect Binding
Up to 140 books per hour
      Tape Binding
Up to 140 books per hour
Up to 480 pads (1/4”) per hour
Cover stock max. thickness: 20# to 110#, Up to 10pt Cover Stock*
Binding Adhesive Type: Hot Melt Adhesive
Tape Dimension: 11” (L) x 1.56” (W)
Tape Colors: Black, white
Warm Up Time: 13 Minutes
Power Requirements: 115V 60Hz
Machine Dimensions: 27”(W) x 18”(D) x 11”(H)
Weight/Shipping Weight: 83.6 lbs. / 100 lbs.

Additional Information

Standard BQ-P6 Brochure