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Standard PC-P43 Paper Cutter

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The PC-P43 Electric Paper Cutter’s unique features make it a standout in the desktop paper cutter market. The cutter’s compact design, automatic operation and ability to handle nearly an inch of paper in thickness by a full 17" wide make it the ideal solution for small business, schools, churches, copy/duplicating centers, EDP departments and desktop-publishing centers.

MSRP: $5,150.00

Technical Specifications

Maximum Cutting Width 17.08”
Maximum Cutting Height 0.98”
Maximum Cutting Length (from back-gauge) 15.6”
Minimum Cut Length (from back-gauge) 2.16”
Cut Cycle Speed 4 seconds
Key Activated Power Switch Standard (removable in off position only)
Back-Gauge Push Bar Manually activated, self retracting
Graduated Cutting Scale Standard (1/16” increments)
Counter Digital Cycle Count (lockable/re-settable)
Standard Features Illuminated Cut Line, Automatic Clamp, Storage Drawer, Action Indicator, Trouble Indicator
Included Accessories 2 Keys, Power Cord, Knife removal sheath, knife removal tool.
Power Requirements 115V, 60 Hz
Machine Dimensions 28.8” (w) x 26.1” (d) x 15.0” (h)
Machine Weight/Shipping Weight 137 lbs. / 155 lbs.

Additional Information

Standard PC-P43 Brochure