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Standard PC-P430 Paper Cutter

Standard PC-P430 Paper Cutter

The PC-P430 Electric Paper Cutter’s unique features make it a standout in the desktop paper cutter market. The cutter’s compact design, automatic operation, and ability to handle nearly an inch of paper in thickness make it the ideal solution for small businesses, schools, churches, copy/duplicating centers, and desktop-publishing centers.

  • Push-button operation: Dual push-button controls require simultaneous two-hand operation to automatically clamp and cut the paper, keeping hands away from the cutting area.
  • Advanced safety features: Plexiglas safety covers enclose the cutting zone to provide even further operator safety, and a key activated power switch can be employed to limit user access.
  • Precision cutting: The PC-P430 features an illuminated cut line which conveniently identifies the cut position for increased accuracy.

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