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Straight Shooter 14" Continuous Feeders

Straight Shooter 14" Continuous Feeders

From Straight Shooter, the company that brought real innovation to friction feeding comes the all new R-14 high speed friction feeder! The versatile R-14 comes with all the features our feeders are known for, including:

Now you get even more with the R-14! More belts, more separators, 14" wide capacity, and our exclusive rear belt guide positioners. All of this comes in a clean, easy to use package at an unbeatable price!

Get the most out of your production equipment!
Straight Shooter feeders are designed to take the hassle out of feeding. In today's competitive marketplace, you need a feeder that you can count on to run whatever comes your way. The R-14 delivers!

Based on our popular SS12 and C-12 models the R-14 offers simple setup, versatility, and reliability in a wider format. The R-14 easily handles up to 14" wide stock at speeds up to 40,000 pieces per hour!

Our exclusive new rear belt guides make repositioning the feed belts easier than ever! Even adjust them while running your job!

Buckle Separation, another Straight Shooter innovation, easily separates documents without the jams common with traditional feeders. The R-14 comes with three independently adjustable separators... Versatility!


R-14 14” Continuous feeder Rear Belt Guides $3,995.00
R-14E 14” Continuous feeder - Enhanced PIVOT™ acceleration table - Rear Belt Guides $5,795.00
Small Media/ Credit Card Kit Narrow paper guides, additional separator (narrow) additional back wedge (narrow) two narrow belts and belt guides $595.00
Enhanced Small Media/ Credit Card Enhanced (E) Series feeder. Narrow paper guides, additional separator (narrow) additional back wedge (narrow) narrow belts and belt guides $695.00
Bryce/Secap Stand For use with Bryce/Secap Printers $225.00
Dry Contact Interlock   $130.00
Bryce IJ Interlock   $150.00
5, 12, 24 Volt DC, Interlock   $150.00
MCS Interlock   $225.00
KIT- 1 Additional separator assembly $175.00
220 Volt Package   $250.00

*Enhanced PIVOT acceleration table includes adjustable angle table, adjustable position outer belts, flex hold down rollers, adjustable paper guides

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Straight Shooter R-14 Brochure