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Straight Shooter 20" Continuous Feeders

Straight Shooter C-20 Feeder

Until now, wide format friction feeders were too costly, too cumbersome, and too complicated. Straight Shooter changes all that with the R-20 wide format feeder. Combining simple, clean design with proven features, the R-20 makes it easy to run those large documents, while still handling the small stuff. With our optional card kit, the R-20 can handle small media down to 2" wide, without compromising the ability to feed large pieces. The R-20 combines heavy duty design with lightweight versatility in a compact package that is easy to move from one application in your plant to another. Now you don't have to buy multiple feeders to handle various jobs! The R-20 comes with four independently adjustable separators and more feed belts than the competition for unlimited setup options, at a price they can't touch!

* Stuffed envelopes
* Open ended booklets
* Calendars
* Magnets
* Self-mailers
* Plastic cards or tags
* Labels
* CDs
* Variable thickness in the same stack!

Great for feeding a wide variety of pieces into:
Ink jet equipment
Tabbing and labeling machines
Printing equipment

Buckle Separation Technology A Straight Shooter Exclusive!
Straight Shooter introduced this revolutionary method of separation in 2004. Other feeders use a high friction "nip" point to separate documents.  Straight Shooter eliminates the "nip" point for smoother feeding without the jams!

Straight Shooter takes friction feeding to a new level with these exclusive features:
* Solid, heavy-duty paper guides that extend ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FEEDER
* Repositionable Feed Belts -- Lets you customize the feeder for every piece!
* Independently Adjustable Separators as many as you like!
* ALL belts can be replaced in minutes!
* Heavy duty shafts and bearings for long life.
* Five high friction feed belts AND four traction belts for additional friction
* Use as many separators and belts as each job requires
* Completely tool-less setup!
* Clean, uncluttered design ñ easy to setup, easy to move, easy to service!


R-20 20” Continuous feeder Rear Belt Guides $4,795.00
R-20E 20” Continuous feeder - Enhanced PIVOT™ acceleration table - Rear Belt Guides $6,495.00
Small Media/ Credit Card Kit Narrow paper guides, additional separator (narrow) additional back wedge (narrow) two narrow belts and belt guides $595.00
Enhanced Small Media/ Credit Card Enhanced (E) Series feeder. Narrow paper guides, additional separator (narrow) additional back wedge (narrow) narrow belts and belt guides $695.00
Bryce/Secap Stand For use with Bryce/Secap Printers $225.00
Dry Contact Interlock   $130.00
Bryce IJ Interlock   $150.00
5, 12, 24 Volt DC, Interlock   $150.00
MCS Interlock   $225.00
KIT- 1 Additional separator assembly $175.00
220 Volt Package   $250.00

*Enhanced PIVOT acceleration table includes adjustable angle table, adjustable position outer belts, flex hold down rollers, adjustable paper guides

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Straight Shooter 20" Continuous Feeders Brochure