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Straight Shooter Inserter Feeders

Straight Shooter Inserter Feeders

Straight Shooter feeders are known for feeding hard-to-handle materials, like magnets, plastic bags, folded mail, stapled booklets and more. Now you can have those capabilities for your swing-arm inserter!

Traditional vacuum operated inserter feeders dont handle many of todays challenging inserts very well. Open ended pieces, pieces that vary in thickness, and thin paper are difficult at best. Not with the P-9! Simply slide the P-9 into position in one of your inserter hoppers and you have a better inserter on your hands! Dont waste time hand stuffing or fighting vacuum feeders. Let the P-9 handle it.

Key Features

The unique acceleration table design makes the D-9 the ideal small machine for demand (oneshot) applications like collators, adding stations to inserters and much more!

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Straight Shooter Inserter Feeders