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Straight Shooter LF-12 Laser Printer Feeder

Straight Shooter LF-12 Laser Printer Feeder

The LF-12 makes laser printing envelopes, postcards and other difficult materials a breeze!

The LF-12 was designed to make your laser printer more productive. Capable of holding up to 500 envelopes, the top-load design means no annoying delays for reloading envelopes! The LF-12 easily handles envelopes, postcards, and other hard to feed pieces.

No Interface Required! With a unique floating acceleration table, The LF-12 easily rolls up to your printer with no wiring, mechanical latching or removal of trays! Simply set the feeder up, roll into place and run!

Competitive feeders require removal of the printer’s manual feed trays sacrificing versatility. Not with Straight Shooter’s LF-12! If you are running #10 envelopes with the LF-12 and need to print on a different size piece, simply slide the feeder back and use the manual tray as usual! Versatility!

Straight Shooter takes friction feeding to a new level with these exclusive features:
* Solid, heavy-duty paper guides that extend ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FEEDER
* Repositionable Feed Belts --Lets you customize the feeder for every piece!
* Independently Adjustable Separators… as many as you like!
* Heavy duty shafts and bearings for long life.
* Use as many separators and belts as each job requires
* Completely tool-less setup!

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Straight Shooter LF-12 Brochure