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Straight Shooter SA-5 Servo Attaching Feeder

Straight Shooter SA-5 Servo Attaching Feeder

Precision attaching in a small package! Finally, a compact, affordable attaching solution that fits your budget AND your transport.

The Straight Shooter SA-5 attaching feeder was designed to fit where other attaching feeders won’t. Its small footprint and simple design allow you to use it on a wide variety of transport bases. Servo technology offers precise positioning and the color touch screen gives the operator complete control of the job settings. The SA-5 can attach 1 or 2 cards, magnets, or other media at speeds up to 25,000 per hour! (media dependent) Utilizing our patented Buckle Separation™ technology, the SA-5 feeds a wide variety of materials easily and our re-positional feed belts offer unmatched flexibility!

Straight Shooter is known for innovation and the SA-5 continues the tradition. Until now, servo attaching feeders have been oversized, complicated and EXPENSIVE! Not the SA-5! The SA-5 is compact, easy to use and affordable. Now you don’t have to be an engineer to handle attaching! Our color touch screen and patented features make precision attaching easier than ever.

  • Re-positional Feed Belts -- Lets you customize the feeder for every piece!
  • Independently Adjustable Separators - Patented Buckle Separation reduces jams!
  • Easy to service - ALL belts can be replaced in minutes!
  • Compact size – Fits where others won’t!
  • Adjustable angle acceleration table
  • Simple set up for 1 or 2 cards
  • High speed batch counting
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Attaches dual cards as close together as you want!

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