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Streamfeeder Bump Turn

Pitney Bowes W760 Conveyor Stacker

Make your equipment more versatile with Streamfeeder’s Bump Turn. It runs either as a standalone unit or in-line with inkjets, tabbers, folders, stitchers, trimmers and more. Features include angle adjustments, left and right bump turning, variable speed, and multi-bump positioning.

The Bump Turn takes material as it is originally presented and rotates product 90 degrees either right or left at speeds up to 30,000 pieces per hour. Add a second Bump Turn unit to rotate product 180 degrees.

Features and Benefits
• Runs up to 30,000 pieces/hour
• Left or right bump option
• Adjustable multi-bump pin positioning
• Fast, simple integration
• Runs in-line with inkjets, tabbers, folders, stitchers/trimmers and more

Technical Specifications

Maximum Input Height
35” (89 cm)

Minimum Input Height
21” (53.34 cm)

Maximum Output Height
35” (89 cm)

Minimum Output Height
32” (81.28 cm)

Maximum Product Thickness
.125” (3.175 mm)

Maximum Product Size
12” long x 14” wide (305 x 357 mm)

20 to 500 ft./min. (51 to 1270 cm/min.)

120vac, 60Hz, 3A

Product Dimensions
19.5” wide x 35.25” long x 33.25” high

49.5 lbs. (22.45 kg)

Other sizes and thickness capabilities available.

Additional Information

Streamfeeder Bump Turn Brochure