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Streamfeeder Card Attaching Systems

Streamfeeder Card Attaching ystems

New to attaching/tip-on fulfillment? Let us help configure a turn-key system for you.

The Converge Series Attaching System is a complete turnkey solution. Place and affix products like plastic cards, magnets, CDs, business cards, folded inserts, calendars and pads to a variety of carrier pieces. Our flexible design allows you to incorporate a number of specialty options such as plow folding, tabbing, ink jetting and label application. The advanced servo motor technology provides unmatched speed and accuracy.

Standard Features



C-900 Card Attaching System (includes Carrier Feeder, Vacuum Transport, C-900 Tip-On Feeder and Glue with Single Nozzle) $60,000.00
C-1200 Card Attaching System (includes Carrier Feeder, Vacuum Transport, C-1200 Tip-On Feeder and Glue with Single Nozzle) $70,000.00

Technical Specifications

Maximum Product Size:

C-900: 7 W x 6 L in (178 x 153 mm)
C-1200: 10 W x 10 L in (254 x 254 mm)
V-1000: 12 W x 18 L in (305 x 457 mm)

Minimum Product Size:

C-900/1200: 2 W x 2.5 L in (51 x 64 mm)
V-1000: 2.5 W x 3.0 L in (63.5 x 76.2 mm)

Min/Max Product Thickness: C-900/1200: .003 - .250 in (.076 - 6.35 mm)
V-1000: .003 - 1.00in (.076 - 25.4 mm)
Belt Speed (Base): 375 ft/min (114 m/min)
Usable Vacuum Area: 55 in (140 cm)
Deck Height:

33 - 37 in (84 - 94 cm)


Electrical: 115vac, 60Hz, 10A
Optional: 230vac, 50Hz

Warranty: One year limited
Other sizes and thickness capabilities available. Contact us for your application

Additional Information

Streamfeeder Card Attaching Systems Brochure