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Used Accufast XL Labeler / Stamp Affixer

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The XL is the best table top labeler on the market. Consider a few of its design features that translate into instant productivity and reliability.

Accufast XL Labeler w/ Stamp Kit

The XL has formed the basis for additional specialization, the most common of which is a roll adapter to handle stamps. The stamp kit is a bolt on kit that can be added to any plain XL. It swiftly and easily installs and when done, transforms the XL into a stamp affixer.

Accufast XL/R Labeler w/ Roll Head

The ACCUFAST XL is recognized as the standard to which all table top labelers are compared. Now, the XL has another roll – literally. By adding a powered roll label head to the XL, ACCUFAST has created a labeler designed to handle the demands of accurate and consistent placement of stamps, RPN’s, inventory, bar code and specialty labels that come on rolls.

Technical Specifications