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Walco Systems F110E-350IJ Commercial Inkjet System

Walco Systems F110E-350IJ Commercial Inkjet System

Multiple configurations are available

Dont let this entry level inkjet system fool you.  It delivers huge productivity in a small footprint - and leaves some extra in your budget.  The equipment in this system uses the same high quality components as in every piece of Walco Systems machinery.

A new contender in the budget friction feeder market has arrived! The Walco Systems F110E features a simple and robust design capable of feeding a wide variety of products. Movable belts and separators provide an exceptional degree of setup precision. Sealed shaft locking collar bearings provide low maintenance costs and friction belt change is exceedingly simple. A range of options are available, such as an acceleration table and seamless integration with standard Walco Systems equipment.


The series 350IJ inkjet system was engineered for the high capacity use demanded by today's commerical environment. The versatile transport system was designed for ease of use along with accuracy of product registration. Feature rich software combined with versatile inkjet technology further enhance the systems performance.

F110E Features:

350IJ Features:

Speed Following - Allows Walco Systems feeders to follow transport base belt speeds, using one speed control.

Remote Speed POT - Feeder speed control POT located on the transport base, allows feeder speed control from the same location as the transport base and conveyor speed.

Conveyor Sort/Speed Up - With conveyor controls integrated into the 350IJ & customizable control in the software, sort/speed up is a viable alternative to expensive stackers/sorters.

Feeder Pause Sort - The feeder can be paused to create a break on the conveyor for sorting.

Monitor/Keyboard - The spacious articulating platform is large enough to accommodate a full size monitor & keyboard

Feeder Shelf - Heavy gauge sheet metal shelf for feeder. Height adjustable and detachable.

Technical Specifications



Transport Direction: Left to Right or Right to Left
Material Size: Min. 2"L x 3"W - Max 20" wide
Material Thickness: Up To 1/2" Standard
Physical:35"L x 23.5"W x 33-36" H
Electrical: 110 VAC Single Phase 10 Amp Circuit

Additional Information

Walco Systems F110E-350IJ Brochure