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Proposed Full Service Intelligent Mail Requirement

The Postal Service is planning to move to the Full-Service Intelligent Mail® option to access automation prices for letters, postcards and flats. The “Full-Service” Intelligent Mail program requires use of unique Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbTM) applied to letter, postcard and flat mailpieces, trays, sacks, and containers, such as pallets, and submission of electronic mailing documentation. This plan includes the transition to the use of eDocumentation, along with additional information to support the By/For relationships, and replacement of the 10/24 transition tray label with the full use of the 24-digit tray label Intelligent Mail barcode format.

This Federal Register document provides advance information to help mailers prepare and plan for the transition to Full-Service and asks for information about the possible challenges mailers perceive to moving to Full-Service, the operational changes they will have to make, the costs and benefits of those changes, and steps the Postal Service could take to assist mailers in moving to Full-Service. The USPSTM looks forward to mailer feedback on all aspects of this plan. In addition, the USPS strongly encourages current Full-Service users to provide feedback about the benefits and value-added they have experienced by converting to Full-Service.

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